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    10 Best Photo Spots in Melbourne



10 Best Photo Spots in Melbourne

Not by any stretch of the imagination, would I say I am the greatest photographer in the world.  I wouldn’t even go as far as saying I’m a good photographer.  Nonetheless, I love taking pictures on my travels and improving my photography as I go along.  Of course, it certainly helps to take a stunning picture, when you’re taking photographs in a city as photogenic as Melbourne.  All around the city unique and fascinating sights can be photographed.  You just have to get out there, get exploring and get taking those pictures.

Of course, it does help when you know where to look though…

Below, I’ve compiled a list of my 10 favourite photo spots in Melbourne. Enjoy!

Yarra River, Behind Flinders St Station (CBD)

Yarra River is one of the best photo spots in Melbourne.  The river runs right through the heart of the city.  Melbourne’s skyscrapers surround the peaceful, tranquil waters. A kind of urban city meets nature scenario.  Day or night, Yarra river is a beautiful area of Melbourne.  However, my advice to get the perfect photo would be to head to Yarra River at night.  At night is when the skyscrapers of the Melbourne are lit up brightly and the reflection against the relaxed waters, makes for an incredible photo opportunity.

Melbourne skyline, by yarra river. One of the best photo spots in Melbourne

Yarra River

Naked for Satan (Fitzroy)

Naked for Satan is one of the most famous bars in the city and definitely offers one of the best photo opportunities in Melbourne.  The reason Naked for Satan in Fitzroy is so well known is down to the panoramic views from the rooftop.  In particular, the photo opportunity from the roof of Naked for Satan is that of Melbourne’s skyline in the distance.  Arguably the best view of the skyline in Melbourne.  Another major plus is that you can take it all in while sipping on an ice cold beer.  Doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Picture from naked for satan, one of the best photo spots in melbourne

Naked For Satan

Carlton Gardens (Carlton)

A UNESCO world heritage site, located just north of the CBD in the suburb of Carlton.  Carlton Gardens is a tranquil escape from the hectic city life which lies a couple of hundred metres away.  On a summers day, you will more than likely find these gardens packed with people, relaxing on the grassy areas, enjoying the beautiful surroundings.  Some days there’s even food trucks by the Royal Exhibition Building.  Eating tacos, sat on the grass, enjoying the sun.  Sounds like a perfect day to me.  It’s the Royal Exhibition Building, which is the focal point for this picture.  The extravagant building and tranquil surroundings are the reason why Carlton Gardens makes the list for one of the best photo spots in Melbourne.

Picture of carlton gardens and the royal exhibition building, one of the best photo spots in melbourne

Carlton Gardens

Union Lane (CBD)

Melbourne is a city well known for a few things, and street art is definitely one of them.  You will find little and large masterpieces dotted all around the city.  Melbourne’s CBD is full of lanes which are covered from head to toe in street art/graffiti. Some of the street art is creative, edgy and beautiful.  Some, which would probably be classed as graffiti isn’t so creative and sometimes a bit crude.  However, all the street art, good or bad, makes up the charm and character of the cities laneways.  My favourite CBD laneway is Union Lane.  Head down here at night, stretch your arm out and watch the sensory lights, placed on the wall, light up the laneway and art around you.  This makes Union Lane one of the best photo spots in Melbourne.

Union Lane street art, one of the best photo spots in melbourne

Union Lane

Artists Lane (Windsor)

Artists Lane, just off Chapel St, is another laneway with unique street art. Perfect for those Instagram worthy pictures and why it’s on the list for one of the best photo spots in Melbourne.  There’s a garage lot around 50 metres down the laneway with some strange and a little bit freaky, but absolutely fantastic street art.  A lot of the street art across Melbourne is unique, but this eye-catching piece of artwork is a particular favourite of mine.  I was in awe of it.  It may not be the most realistic or detailed bit of art in the city, but it has that quirky and a bit crazy feel to it, which fits perfectly with a city like Melbourne.

Artist lane, one of the best photo spots in melbourne

Artists Lane, Melbourne

Shrine of Remembrance (St Kilda Road)

The Shrine of Remembrance was built to commemorate the men and women who served in World War I. Located just off St Kilda Road.  It’s fairly easy to get to the shrine, either a short walk from CBD or an even shorter tram ride.  On a beautiful summers day, there are not many better views of the city.  The gardens of the shrine themselves are also a beautiful and peaceful area, the perfect memorial site if you ask me.  However, it’s the views from the roof of the Shrine of Remembrance, which is the reason this has made the list for one of the best photo spots in Melbourne.  The shrine is free to enter, so make your way up there and snap away at those city views.

Picture of the view from the shrine of rememberence, one of the best photo spots in melbourne

View From Shrine of Remembrance

Melbourne Food

Not exactly one particular spot.  However, some of the meals you will tuck into when you eat at a restaurant in Melbourne will look like a piece of art.  To me, all food looks amazing.  You could serve me a pile of slop, but as long as it tastes delicious I won’t care.  However, the old saying that you eat with your eyes really comes into play in some of the restaurants in Melbourne.  The picture which makes the list for one of the best photo spots in Melbourne is from Sir Charles in Fitzroy.  I’d seriously recommend brunch at Sir Charles if you get the chance!

Picture of the pork belly I ate at sir charles cafe in fitzroy, one of the best photo spots in melbourne

Pork Belly at Sir Charles, Fitzroy

National Gallery of Victoria (St Kilda Road)

Located by the Arts Centre tram stop on St Kilda Road is the National Gallery of Victoria.  As you’d expect, the exhibitions in the NGV aren’t free to enter and tickets must be bought.  Luckily, certain areas of the gallery are completely free to enter.  Which is perfect for those on a budget, or even for a cheap day out.  I’d heard about the stain glass roof in NGV prior to venturing there myself.  However, I was completely blown away by the beauty and magnitude of the multi coloured roof when I saw it in person.  Firmly establishing NGV as one of the best photo spots in Melbourne.

Picture of the stained glass window at the national gallery of victoria, one of the best photo spot in melbourne

National Gallery of Victoria

State of Victoria Library (CBD)

One of the most iconic buildings within Melbourne’s CBD.  The State of Victoria Library deserves its place amongst the best photo spots in Melbourne.  The scale of this building, once you’re inside, will leave you lost for words at times.  The main reading room, known as the Domed Reading Room is a sight to behold.  The area which makes the list for one of the best photo spots in Melbourne is the dome which sits directly above the domed reading room.  The top floor gives you a birds-eye view of the grandeur below.  It kind of looks like a scene out of Harry Potter.  A majestic reading room, with clearly no expense spared.

St Kilda Pier (St Kilda)

St Kilda itself doesn’t offer much in the way of great photo spots.  Be as that may, St Kilda Pier is a wonderful spot.  For one, if you head here at night, you’re guaranteed to spot multiple Penguins stumbling about the rocks which surround the pier.  As well as the Penguins, the sea and city backdrop make St Kilda Pier a worthy selection in the list of best photo spots in Melbourne.  In all honesty, the bright lights of Melbourne CBD, shimmering against the calm water make it difficult not to take an excellent picture.

Picture of the melbourne skyline, taken from st kilda on my working holiday visa in australia, one of the best photo spots in Melbourne

St Kilda Pier

Best photo spots in melbourne photo for pinterest

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section.

 Has anyone got a place other than listed above where they consider to be one of the best photo spots in Melbourne?


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