5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Indonesia

Indonesia is a spectacular and extremely diverse country.  With over 17,500 islands, Indonesia is a country which is well worth taking your time to explore.  I spent a month there myself, however, I would of much preferred to have spent longer exploring this beautiful country.  From the vast jungles of Kalimantan to the surfers paradise […]

Gili Islands – Surviving The Storm

Our journey to the incredible Gili Islands in Indonesia, from Bali, didn’t get off the best of starts. We decided we would go via slow boat when booking the transport through a travel agent in Ubud, due to the lower price of 200,000RP ($14.70). The slow boat was cheaper than the fast boat and we […]

Komodo National Park – Dragon Spotting

What sounds more appealing than trekking through a national park in search of the largest, deadliest lizards in the world?! Well, this is exactly what we did when we visited Komodo National Park.  The Komodo Dragon is native to Komodo National Park and this is the only place in the world you will find this […]