Top 10 Must Try Foods in Vietnam

If you’ve read any of my previous posts on Vietnam, you’ll understand how amazing I think the food is (quite often my favourite subject). If I had to give one reason and one reason alone to visit this amazing country – you guessed it – to taste the out of this world cuisine. It was […]

1 Month in Vietnam Route

Start in the north flying into Hanoi, the hectic capital of Vietnam.  Making sure you spend enough time here to sample all of the culinary delights the Vietnamese capital has to offer.  Next take a short trip east to Ha Long.  Here you can spend a night or two staying on a boat in the […]

Phu Quoc to Phnom Penh

You’ve got the option to fly to HCMC from Phu Quoc, but if like us you came from HCMC you probably won’t want to go back on yourself. Luckily there’s also the option to travel by boat to mainland Vietnam and then onto Cambodia.  We opted to start our time in Cambodia by travelling from […]

A Short Guide to Ho Chi Minh City

Although HCMC is not the capital of Vietnam, it is clear to see that this city is the economic hub of the country, driving the country forward into the 21st century.  There’s a huge contrast across the city, there’s the one section of the city which is home to high rise buildings, expensive restaurants and […]

Canyoning in Da Lat, Vietnam

The main reason we made our way to Da Lat, was to experience the canyoning.  After seeing a few pictures beforehand and having never been abseiling before, we thought why not?!  Da Lat was the only place in Vietnam where I actually had to wear a jumper while walking around at night.  The altitude of […]

A Short Guide to Hoi An

A majestic and peaceful town in central Vietnam,  It is very easy to see why Hoi An attracts so many tourists and backpackers year after year.  Once a busy port town, Hoi An has now developed into an easygoing and relaxed destination with tons of character.  In my opinion, it’s an extremely beautiful town, with grand architecture […]

Ha Long Bay – 2 Day, 1 Night Tour

Ha Long Bay is truly amazing.  Being designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994 and more recently being named one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, Ha Long Bay should definitely be on your ‘must see’ list for South East Asia.  The area consists of around 2000 prominent limestone islets rising out of […]

Hanoi – Food, Food & More Food!

First things first, the main reason we absolutely loved the Hanoi, was the ridiculously delicious food, which we couldn’t get enough of! Every day we were tasting something new, thinking nothing could top the food we had just tasted, how wrong we were.  It would be extremely difficult to give an answer to what my […]