If You Want to Travel… Just Do It!

Relaxing in a hammock on san augustinillo beach, mexico

If You Want to Travel… Just Do It!

There are not many people who I’ve spoken to who have said they wouldn’t like to travel and see the world.  Who wouldn’t want to be exploring a jungle utopia in Guatemala, getting up close and personal with elephants in the wild in Sri Lanka, or exploring all things weird and wonderful in the Californian Desert?  When it’s put to you like that, it kind of sounds like a stupid question doesn’t it?

Travel isn’t just about lazing around on some pristine beach in Mexico (not that lying around on a beach is all that terrible), it’s much more than that.  Travel opens your mind to new cultures, you meet people you never would if you weren’t to head to some far away foreign land.  It’s sometimes difficult to be open and understanding of new cultures, if you aren’t exposed to those cultures.  It’s easy to get stuck in your ways and way of thinking.  I know that more than anyone.   Travel helps a great deal in changing your way of thinking.

Picture of the clear waters at Balandra Beach

OK, travelling does include some lazying around by the beach…

What About…?

What about my money?

What about my job?

What about buying a house, car, dog/cat…? (the list could go on and on)

No matter how many ideas have been in your head about travel, the most difficult thing is taking that leap of faith and breaking free from that everyday mould.  There’s so much pressure to live your life the way society defines as the norm.  Education, job, house, kids etc.  The idea of quitting your job for 6 months of travelling, just to come back home with no job and no money might sound like the worst idea in the world.

The idea of quitting your job often sounds scary and unimaginable.  Let me ask you this, what sounds scarier; quitting your job (the average person has 12-15 jobs in their lifetime) or regretting something you dreamed of doing when it may be too late?

I’ve lost count of how many people 40+ have said to me that they would have loved to have travelled.   People of any age can travel long-term, but it will be a damn right harder to make that leap into the unknown in your 40s than in your 20s.

Travel may not be for everyone and I understand that.  However, I’ve met countless people who wished they went travelling or could go travelling.  I’m yet to meet one person who has said that they regret going travelling.  That statement alone speaks for itself.

Who wants to come back from 6 months away with no job and no money, while everyone around you has a thriving career and plenty of savings?  Yeah, it doesn’t quite work like that.  When I went away on a 6 months trip to South East Asia, a lot less changed back home than I imagined.  In fact, barely anything changed even when I spent a year travelling in Australia and Central America.  It was like I had never been away.  You won’t end up years behind your friends career-wise.  Travel can even further your career and don’t forget you can build experience on the road with freelance work or on a working holiday visa.

You’re Just Running Away…

The number of times I’ve heard from people who haven’t been travelling that people who do go travelling are just lazy and delaying their lives.  ‘Delaying their lives’, that’s an interesting statement in itself, isn’t it?  Delaying what life exactly?  The life that they choose; finishing their education, forging a career, buying a house so on and so on.  I think you get the picture.  I’m not knocking their choices, don’t get me wrong.  However, just because that’s their choice for their lives, does not mean everyone has to follow that path.

‘Why do you love travelling?’, ‘Why do people even travel?’ These are questions I’ve heard too often.  Well…

I love travelling because travel has enriched my life.  There’s a degree of freedom that comes with travelling that no other experience can give you.

Just because I’m not living by your standards, does that mean I am running away?  The old cliche ‘life is for living’ would be right at home here.  I am living my life how I want to live my life.  If you want to live your life that way, break free from the mould.  Just do it.  I know that’s easier said than done.  However, there’s no other way to say it, other than… Just go.

Like I mentioned, travel changes you, for the better.

Just go, while you have the chance.  Life has a way of working itself out.  Don’t worry about how you might fall behind in your career.  You might just live to regret it if you don’t go…

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