Mexico’s Most Beautiful City, Guanajuato

Mexico’s Most Beautiful City, Guanajuato

You may or may not have heard of the Mexican city of Guanajuato.  You might not have even seen pictures of Guanajuato.  However, one thing I can confidently say is that when you lay eyes on this city, you will never forget it.  The images from this beautiful Mexican university city will stick in your mind forever.  If you haven’t been, it will soon be on your list, no doubt about it.

Guanajuato stands firmly at number 1 in the list of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, in my opinion.  Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Take a look at pictures of Guanajuato below and decide for yourself.

The colours of Guanajuato is what will instantly catch your attention.  The people of Mexico take pride in the appearance of their cities and towns, that’s clear to see throughout the country.  There’s no exception with Guanajuato.

There are tonnes of beautiful destinations around Mexico, but it’s hard to compare any of them to Guanajuato.  The buildings, the people, the food, the atmosphere… That’s it, the atmosphere, that is what makes Guanajuato unique.

The nightly Callejoneadas will have you dancing through the narrow streets of Guanajuato while singing along to traditional and original Mexican songs with the Estudiantinas who accompany you.  The Estudiantinas wear traditional clothing and play numerous string and percussion instruments.  They really know how to get the crowd going!

People getting ready to dance and sing on a Callejoneadas in the main square in Guanajuato

People getting ready to dance and sing on a Callejoneadas

Street performers can be found delighting crowds of people throughout the centre of Guanajuato.  Every night you will find locals and tourists alike enjoying and clapping along to a performance from one of the local street acts.  Head to Teatro Juarez, take a pew on the steps and revel in the performances.

A Guanajuato Street Performer outside Teatro Juarez

A Guanajuato Street Performer

Weddings in Mexico seems to involve one hell of a party.  To be honest, the wedding celebrations put the ones in the UK to shame.  Albeit the papier mache figures that people wear are a bit creepy, but who am I to judge!  The weddings in Guanajuato are no different from the rest of the nation.

Wedding Celebrations In The Main Square in Guanajuato

Wedding Celebrations In The Main Square

The colours, what can be said about the many colours of Guanajuato.  It’s difficult not to be wowed by the beauty of this town and the multi-coloured buildings contribute a great deal to that beauty.  The best viewpoint in the city is by the El Pipila statue.  From El Pipila statue you’re guaranteed to get a stunning view awash with the cities colourful buildings.

The colourful View From El Pipila Statue Viewpoint in Guanajuato

The View From El Pipila Statue Viewpoint

The stand-out building from the viewpoint is the building painted with a striking shade of yellow, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato.  Shades of blues, red and purple spread throughout Guanajuato, but the Basilica stands proudly in the centre, boasting a unique exterior.

The bright yellow coloured Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato

Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato

On the subject of colourful Guanajuato landmarks, another which will catch your attention is the bright pink coloured Templo de San Francisco.

The bright pink coloured Templo de San Francisco in Guanajuato

Templo de San Francisco

It’s not just the landmarks which are boldly painted.  Below a local florist plies his trade in front of one of Guanajuato’s many flamboyantly coloured buildings.

A Guanajuato Florist selling flowers outside a bright blue coloured building

Guanajuato Florist

Not all the magnificent buildings in Guanajuato are colourful.  With a bit of good old fashioned creative architecture, Guanajuato’s Teatro Juarez stands as a worthy centre point to the city.

A picture of the steps leading up to and Teatro Juarez in Guanajuato

Teatro Juarez

An angled picture from the side of Teatro Juarez in Guanajuato

Teatro Juarez

Teatro Juarez on a bright day in Guanajuato

It’s Hard Not To Take Pictures Of Teatro Juarez From All Angles

Teatro Juarez in Guanajuato By Night

Teatro Juarez By Night

Guanajuato is a city full of winding narrow passageways.  Explore the town on foot (because driving is no fun in Guanajuato, you’ll understand when you see the traffic) and explore the cities narrow entries.  You might get lost in the process, but that’s the fun in exploring! You might even find yourself a hidden gem.

A Passageway Covered in Graffiti in Guanajuato

Passageway Covered in Graffiti

Somehow Guanajuato can make a simple passageway beautiful.  This city never seems to fail.

Another picture in a Guanajuato Passageway

Guanajuato Passageway

As with the majority of Mexico, the food in Guanajuato is a highlight.  From the restaurants all the way to the street sellers and markets stall holders.  If you’re travelling Mexico on a budget, Mercado Hidalgo is where you should be eating.  Definitely one of the best places to get your fix of Mexican food in Guanajuato.  Your senses will be in overload as you’re walking around the market and then tucking into some fresh Mexican delights.

Mercado Hidalgo In Guanajuato Grand Entrance

Mercado Hidalgo Grand Entrance

When you walk through the grand entrance of Mercado Hidalgo, you’ll have one tough decision on your hands, just exactly what food you should buy!

A Stall Inside Mercado Hildago, Guanajuato

A Stall Inside Mercado Hildago

Tortas de Carnitas.  Remember the name if you’re going to Mercado Hildalgo for food in Guanajuato.  These pork sandwiches aren’t hard to find.  Almost every stall has slow cooked, melt in the mouth pork on display, ready to be pulled apart and placed on a crusty bread roll, topped with salsa.  Simple, yet delicious.  This sandwich doesn’t need any fancy additions. If it’s not broke, why fix it.

Tortas De Carnitas bought from Mercado Hildago in Guanajuato

Tortas De Carnitas

Another firm favourite for some delicious traditional Mexican food in Guanajuato is El Paisa.  Popular amongst tourist and locals, it’s hard to resist the scent of the Al Pastor cooking on the open spit right in front of you.  Tacos Al Pastor is the dish to try in this joint, no doubt you’ll be coming back for more.

El Paisa, Guanajuato, cooking al pastor on a spit

El Paisa

Right next door to El Paisa is the originally named El Paisa II.  I can only assume El Paisa II is a copycat of El Paisa, however, I may be wrong.  The main focus of El Paisa II for me is the refreshing Agua Fresca which they serve from straight from the ice cold vats outside the store.  What can more refreshing than water combined with fruit, citrus and sugar on a scorching day?

El Paisa II, Guanajuato selling agua fresca

El Paisa II

To top it all off try this crispy, sugary churro for size.  The freshly fried churro is filled with a sauce of your choice, on this occasion caramel’s the sauce of choice.  I’m sure churros would pop into many people’s heads when they think of Mexican cuisine.  Luckily, these churros did not disappoint.  The caramel flavour sauce bursts through after a bite into the crunchy outer layer.

Freshly Made Churro from a stall in Guanajuato

Freshly Made Churro

I hope these pictures of Guanajuato have given you a taste of the beauty which lies deep within the city.  It’s difficult to take bad photos in this city.  However, don’t let these pictures of Guanajuato be the end, let them be the beginning.  The true beauty of Guanajuato needs to be seen with the naked eye, there in person.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section.

What’s the most beautiful town/city you have been to? After seeing these pictures of Guanajuato would you visit? Do you have an upcoming trip to Mexico soon?



  • Mike - Travel and Destinations

    It definitely looks like the most colourful city I have ever seen. I imagine it’s the kind of city where you just can’t put your camera away too!?

    15/06/2017 at 6:48 pm
    • Nathan

      Definitely! I think I took more pictures in Guanajuato than all the places I’d been to previously in Mexico combined

      16/06/2017 at 2:33 pm

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