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    Phu Quoc to Phnom Penh



Phu Quoc to Phnom Penh

You’ve got the option to fly to HCMC from Phu Quoc, but if like us you came from HCMC you probably won’t want to go back on yourself. Luckily there’s also the option to travel by boat to mainland Vietnam and then onto Cambodia.  We opted to start our time in Cambodia by travelling from Phu Quoc to the Cambodian capital – Phnom Penh.

Drive to the Port

We were picked up by a minibus at around 8am from our accommodation.  We did the usual drive around to pick more people up from more guest houses.  When the minibus was finally full we made our way to the port.

Boat to Mainland

At the port we hurried onto a large speed boat, strangely called a ‘Superdong’.  The 1 hour journey to Rach Gia on mainland Vietnam, definitely wasn’t the comfiest journey.  Prepare the sick bags for the journey if you suffer from motion sickness.

Drive to the Boarder

Once we reached mainland Vietnam and we got off the Superdong (really want to know who thought of that name!) there was the kind of chaos you would expect.  The non-locals like us would have been very easy to spot; looking very confused and like we don’t have a clue what we’re doing next.  Finally, after about half an hour of looking confused and asking a few tour companies if they were there to pick us up, about 7 of us were bundles into a 5 seater taxi.

We were taken to a cafe in a small town called Xa Xia on the Vietnamese side of the border crossing.  At the cafe they collected our passport to get our visas from the border.  The Cambodian visas were $35 each.  2 and a half hours later, they were back with our passports and we were ready to make our way to Cambodia.

Crossing the Boarder

The border crossing was very dodgy looking and run down.  We were taken by minibus to the crossing (17 of us crammed into a 14 seater), where we had to get out with our bags and walk across.  After a quick look at the passport and a few stamps, we were finally in Cambodia!

The crossing leads to the small Cambodian town – Prek Chak.  Our temperatures were measured with with an infra-red thermometer on the Cambodian side of the border, to make sure we weren’t carrying Ebola or any other contagious diseases into the country.  Although one girl did have a high temperature and the police told her to stand under the fan to bring it down and then let her in.

Boarder to Kampot

Once we were fully across the border, all 17 were once again packed into the 14 seater minibus, for a very uncomfortable journey to Kampot.  Thankfully the journey was only 45 minutes, but it did seem a lot longer!

Once we were in Kampot we got out at a small travel shop and waited for the final leg of our journey.  Again, it was time to get into another mini bus.  The mini bus was very cramped again! At least this time there were the right amount of people for the right amount of seats.

Kampot to Phnom Penh

The drive from Kampot to Phnom Penh took around 1 and a half hours to the outskirts of the city.  However, once we reached the outskirts, the traffic was absolutely horrendous, so what should of been around a 10 minute drive into the centre, turned into an hour drive.  However, after a full day of travelling at around 7pm, we eventually arrived in Phnom Penh.


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