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    Why Choose A Working Holiday Visa In Australia?



Why Choose A Working Holiday Visa In Australia?

Australia, Australia, Australia… Where to begin.  The country of towering cities lined with golden sand beaches. The huge eco-system and largest living thing on the planet, which is the great barrier reef. The world recognisable giant sandstone, vivid red rock, Uluru.  The list could go on and on.  It’s a bit of a no brainer when it comes to spending a year-long working holiday visa in Australia wouldn’t you say?

Back in 2013, when I was travelling South East Asia with Olivia, a working holiday in Australia never appealed to us.  After 6 months in Asia, our bank accounts were drained and we were on a flight from Hong Kong back to the UK. Back to the UK for what? I found myself questioning over and over again.  Back to Manchester to live in a city I didn’t want to live in, to work in a job I didn’t want to do. 

After a few months working in that job, I dread waking up for each morning.  I and Olivia made the decision to save up to go travelling again.  Where would we go this time though? How could we prolong our trip for as long as possible, without logging into our online banking to see a big fat £0, after 6 months?

After hearing how friends had travelled for years with a pit stop in Australia in the middle of their travels, the answer to these questions was staring us in the face.  A working holiday in Australia of course. 

Picture of Harbour Bridge in Sydney

Harbour Bridge, Sydney

10 reasons why I would recommend you choose to do a working holiday in Australia…

1. You can save and travel at the same time

Save and travel, not often words you hear or see in the same sentence together.  However, Australia can give you that unique opportunity.  Say for instance you live and work for one year on a working holiday visa in Australia.  It’s totally up to you what you do in that year.  You’re not tied down to living in one city during your time in the country. For example, you could work along the east coast, picking up work in hostels, bars, restaurants, farms etc.  The whole country is yours to explore and you’re not bound to one location.  If you’re working while you’re travelling, with the wages in Australia, the likelihood is that you’ll be able to save at least some of that money.  It’s a win, win situation really.

2. You can live in some of the most liveable cities in the world

For a start, Melbourne has been named the most liveable city on the planet for six consecutive years.  Six consecutive years?! People must love living in Melbourne. Being a city well known for its coffee, night-life, shopping and sports, it’s not hard to understand why.  Along with the world’s most liveable city, Australia has two other cities lying in the top 10, Adelaide at 5th and Perth taking 7th position.  There you have it, in a list of cities, worldwide Australia has three in the top 10, some achievement ay? Just to put that into perspective, the UK’s top city is Manchester at 46th on the list.

Picture of carlton gardens in melbourne taken on my working holiday visa in australia

Carlton Gardens In The Worlds Most Liveable City

3. They pay handsomely for jobs that wouldn’t back home

I was working in a call centre back in the UK, for a bank, earning £18,000 (22,350 USD) per year.  My first job on my working holiday visa in Australia was in Melbourne. I was working in a call centre as well.  Working in a job which required must less effort than the one in the UK, earning $29 an hour. If you worked out that as a yearly wage I would be earning around $54,000 (40,000 USD).  I was only a temp employee, so I didn’t get sick or holiday pay, nor did I have the security of the being a permanent employee.  However, when you’re on a visa which doesn’t give you full working rights, you’re unlikely to get the same securities as permanent employees.  Earning $29 an hour really does give you more than enough to save for your next adventure, trust me.

Picture of Australian Dollars

4. It gives you a break from backpacking life

As great as it is, staying in hostels for months and months on end can take its toll on even the most patient of people.  Along with living out of that backpack, pulling out dirty and creased clothes every day.  If you decide to live and work in one place for a few months while on your working holiday visa in Australia, you have the chance to rent a room in a shared house or apartment.  A couple of weeks after arriving in Melbourne, we signed for our room in a house just north of Melbourne CBD.  Once we moved in, unpacking that backpack to hang all my clothes up was a lot more enjoyable than it should have been.

Picture of a backpack taken during my working holiday visa in Australia

Unsure Why Someone Had A Huge Knife In Our Dorm?!

5. You can leave home sooner

The main selling point of a working holiday visa in Australia is that you earn money, basically while you are on holiday.  Earning money while you’re abroad, gives you that opportunity to leave home earlier than you would if you were just going travelling.  If you have an urge to get away from home as soon as possible, then a working holiday visa in Australia may just be the right choice for you.

6. You can travel for longer

Earning while you’re travelling means the money you have already saved will go much further.  An example which I’ve already touched upon is with myself when I and Olivia went to South East Asia for 6 months.  If we opted to do our working holiday visa in Australia straight after Asia, we could have spent up to two years in Australia and even saved to travel after.  Clearly, the natural option for extending your travels is to do a working holiday visa somewhere.

7. Meet some people you would never meet otherwise

Travelling and working in Australia can throw you into situations with groups of people you may well have not met otherwise.  I’ve met a whole bunch of Australians (as you’d expect in Australia), I’ve lived with a Malaysian, German, Swiss and an American, I’m working with Canadians and Irish.  It’s not just about meeting people from a broad range of nationalities.  A lot of people I’ve gotten to know and really gotten to like, I would definitely not have from living and working at home in the UK.  It may not be what you initially set out to do, but you could make some friends for life during your year on a working holiday visa in Australia.

8. Enjoy relaxing on the beach after work

Whenever people mentioned Australia to me in the past,  Sydney would instantly pop into my head.  The towering buildings making up the skyline, those world famous sites of harbour bridge and the opera house and of course those beautiful, picturesque beaches which lay at the cities coastline.  What could be better than finishing work, getting changed into your shorts and t shirt, then heading down for a relaxed evening on the beach?  That’s really what most people want they come to Australia, isn’t it?

Picture of Sydneys famous bondi beach taken while on a working holiday visa in Australia

Sydney’s Famous Bondi Beach

9. An opportunity to scout out potential expat locations

I’ve always had an urge to live and work abroad, whether that be in Asia, Europe or America.  For some reason, I can’t really put my finger on why Australia never really appealed to me.  That was until I came to live in Melbourne and absolutely fell in love with the city.  While you are on your working holiday visa in Australia, there are companies who do offer the chance of sponsorship, which means the chance of permanent residency in the country.  A year long working holiday visa in Australia is the perfect opportunity to test run some of Australia’s cities for a potential expat location.

Picture taken of the melbourne skyline during my working holiday visa in Australia

Melbourne Skyline

10. Experience a different way of life

Everyone in Australia seems to be, well to put it simply, happier than in the UK.  Maybe that’s the sun.  Maybe it’s the higher wages.  Maybe it’s the amazing coffee (Melbourne).  It would be just speculation to say why, because to be honest, I haven’t walked up to anyone to ask why they are always happy.  However, my guess is that it is a combination of all the factors which make up life in Australia. 

For me, now I’ve spent a good few months here, I want to live in Melbourne for as long as possible.  That’s just how much of an effect this unique city and country has had on me.  It’s a different way of life to back home in the UK.  Yes, they may speak the same language and their culture may not be all that different, but there’s the little things which stand Australian life head and shoulders above life in the UK.


All the 10 points I’ve touched on above are the components which make Australia the most popular destination in the world amongst backpackers for working holiday visas.  Numbers don’t lie, but numbers wouldn’t be enough to persuade me alone and I’m sure the majority of people are the same.  Working holiday visas are a once in a lifetime opportunity for most.  The location has to be perfect for you, so you can really make the most of your time abroad.  I’ve mentioned this previously and I’ll mention it again, Australia is a country which really does cater for the majority of tastes.  Take some time, do your research and really think about where you want to do your working holiday visa.  For me, Australia is a unique and unrivalled country in many aspects and it’s a place I’ve truly grown to love.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section.

Are you planning on a working holiday visa in Australia? If you have done a working holiday visa somewhere else, where was your favourite place?


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