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10 Travel Tips For Couples

Essential Travel Tips For Couples.  Compiled From Personal Experience.

Feel free to share your experiences and travel tips, for couples and individuals in the comments section.

You’re heading on a trip you’ve been looking forward to for months, even years.  You’ve slaved away at a job you don’t particularly enjoy, all to fund these travels in a land unknown.  You may have travelled solo before, or this may be your first backpacking trip.  However, for this trip, you’ve decided to take the plunge with your other half.  What do you do now though?

The following travel tips for couples are all from personal experience.  Following these tips ensures my travels with my girlfriend are a success.  I’ve compiled this list to make your life easier…

Go On a Mini Break Prior

Going travelling as a couple for an extended period of time is no mean feat.  Even if you have lived with your partner, travelling together is totally different.  Although you live together, you’re not with each other 24/7.  You go to work, you have hobbies, things to do and people to see.  When you’re travelling together, the majority of the time you will be together.

Rather than planning a 6-month trip and having the embarrassing experience of coming home after 1 month, because you’re sick of each other.  Test whether you can deal with each other for extended periods of time, by going on a mini-break, prior to planning any backpacking trip.

Divide Responsibilities

Everyone has their strengths and in turn, everyone has their weaknesses.  One person’s strength is another person’s weakness.  Well, this works the same with couples.  Use yours or your partners or your own strength to your advantage.  In the same breath, if one person doesn’t take well to a particular task, take it upon yourself to make that your responsibility.  For instance, if one of you are a planning freak (as I am), let that person plan. Then, if one of you has a great sense of direction (as I haven’t), let them take control of navigating and getting you from A to B.

Decide How Your Budget Will Be Split

No one wants to bicker over money, do they?  There are not many worse conversations you could be having when you’re having the time of your life somewhere far away from home.  If you’re travelling with your partner, you’re either going to put your money together or keep it separate.  Have the conversation about how your budget will be split, prior to leaving home.  This way, you will avoid any potential disagreements over money.

My girlfriend and I keep our money in our own bank accounts when we are travelling, but we put equal amounts onto a travel card.  That way, we can keep track of what we are spending and also, the spending is split equally.

Make Friends Along The Way

It’s always great to meet like minded people to yourselves.  You’ll end up meeting some friends for life when you are travelling, no doubt about it.  Whether you make friends with other couples or singles, it’s always beneficial to spend time socialising with others.  

Although you will more than likely have a heap of things in common with your partner, you won’t share all of each other’s interests.  Say, for instance, my girlfriend hates football (soccer), but I love it.  It absolutely bores her to the bones when I talk about it.  However, meeting like minded people on the road means I can have those football conversations I crave.

Do Things As a Couple

You’re travelling together as a couple.  Make sure you spend time together.  Whether that’s a meal together every so often or even going for a walk together.  It can be anything, but making time for you and your partner away from the crowds of people, is really important.  If you’re staying in hostel, you’re more than likely going to be with groups of people for the majority of the time.  Getting away from others, to spend quality time together is a must.

Do Things Individually

Although you are travelling together, that does not mean to say that you need to be stuck to each other sides 24/7.  No matter who you are with, if you are with them 24/7, they will end up driving you crazy.  If you are an independent person, find time to spend by yourself or with others away from your partner, from time to time.  This will be good for both of you.  It will allow you to decompress and you will both appreciate each other much more.

Learn How to Deal With Disputes

A dispute which is dragged out when you’re travelling will seem 10x longer than one which is dragged out at home.  While you’re at home, you will have places where you can go to get away from the situation and reflect.  When you’re travelling, you more than likely won’t.  Learn how to deal with disputes.  The majority of the time, disputes are best dealt with then and there.  Once they’re dealt with, it’s time to forgive and forget.  Leaving anything to brew over time, will make any dispute a hell of a lot worse.

Do Things Both of You Enjoy

It’s important to experience things that you both enjoy.  Doing this together as a couple is key.  Finding that perfect balance will make for a happy time travelling.  Participation in experiences which you both find enjoyable will ensure that you are both content, am I right?  These mutually enjoyable experiences can be something as crazy as a skydive, or even something as small and regular as a meal out together.

Be Prepared To Do Things You Don’t Enjoy

As well as doing things which you both enjoy, be prepared to do things which you don’t particularly enjoy.  Relationships are give and take.  Travelling is about partaking in new experiences.  For example, when we were in Vietnam, I really wanted to do canyoning (basically abseiling down waterfalls).  On the other hand, Olivia wasn’t too enticed by the idea of lowering yourself down a waterfall on a rope.  However, rather than leave me to do it on my own, Olivia came. In the end, she loved canyoning.  

The fact that we experienced this and we have the memories of doing canyoning together, means a lot more than one person having those memories.  I’m not saying you have to do everything together, but like I said it’s all about give and take.

Don’t Be THAT Couple

What I mean by ‘THAT couple’, is the couple that shows way too much PDA (public displays of affection) and makes everyone else around them feel uncomfortable.  Nobody wants to spend time with that kind of couple who pay for 2 beds in a dorm and then spend the whole night cuddling in one bed.  Of course, you will want to experience travelling together as a couple.  I’m certainly not saying people who hug and kiss in public will not have an amazing time on their adventure.  However, what I am saying, is that there should be a balance.  No one wants to hang around with ‘THAT couple’.  

One of the main draws of travelling in a new environment is meeting new people from all corners of the globe.  Trust me though, it will not be easy to make friends along the way if you are overly affectionate towards each other.

You’ll have incredible experiences.  You’ll go through tough times.  No couple is perfect, remember that. Above all, you are experiencing new and exciting time together.

I’m grateful I have my girlfriend as my travel partner.  I’m glad I can share these travel tips for couples from my personal experiences to ensure you feel the same way.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section.

Have you been travelling as a couple before? Would you follow these travel tips for couples? Do you disagree with any of these tips?