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The Bizarre Salvation Mountain, California

As you take the repetitive drive down the never-ending straight roads, surrounded by the flat and barren Southern Californian Lower Desert, you will not believe your eyes when Salvation Mountain comes into your view.  From the dull desert ground, a mound awash with colour and life stands tall.  This colourful hill is none other than Salvation Mountain.

Our main reason for visiting California was due to us having tickets for Coachella.  After 26 hours we had finally arrived in LA from Melbourne.  Of course, the jet lag was kicking in instantly.  The next 3 days in LA were spent wandering around like a zombie, fitting in all the hiking and sight-seeing we could.

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A Guide to San Diego on a Budget

Not many places in the world have ‘it’, but I can tell you, San Diego is one of those destinations. What exactly do I mean by ‘it’? A place which has it all; beaches, nightlife, food, heritage, history and nature. Yes, cramming the previous into one city is possible. Few places in the world have it all, but San Diego does.

As the story goes, American cities are hardly known for being budget backpacker friendly destinations.  Not surprisingly money conscious travellers tend to avoid the USA.  Having come from Coachella, we knew how expensive things can get in the USA. Don’t get me wrong, even with the tightest of penny-pinching, your budget will be higher in San Diego than in Hanoi, Vietnam for instance. Having said that, with the right knowledge and know-how you can have a bank account friendly stay and keep the spending to a minimum in San Diego.

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Coachella on a Budget Tips

Coachella is the music and arts festival held in Indio, USA, over 2 weekends every April.  It’s a mix of the creative, artsy, wonderful and downright weird.  There’s music to suit every taste, huge art displays, none stop sun and food stands serving up delicious food, it’s hard to ignore the lure of Coachella.  However, being a budget backpacker, it’s hard to take no notice of how notoriously expensive Coachella is.  It’s not often you hear the sentence ‘Coachella on a budget’.

Coachella on a budget, can you really do it? In short, the answer is yes.  While your budget may not be as low as a mere 25 USD a day, as in some corners of the world, you can still visit Coachella for a lot less than most.  Coachella’s reputation holds it as being a classy, upmarket and costly festival, but don’t let that put you off. 

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