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Coachella on a Budget Tips

Coachella is the music and arts festival held in Indio, USA, over 2 weekends every April.  It’s a mix of the creative, artsy, wonderful and downright weird.  There’s music to suit every taste, huge art displays, none stop sun and food stands serving up delicious food, it’s hard to ignore the lure of Coachella.  However, being a budget backpacker, it’s hard to take no notice of how notoriously expensive Coachella is.  It’s not often you hear the sentence ‘Coachella on a budget’.

Coachella on a budget, can you really do it? In short, the answer is yes.  While your budget may not be as low as a mere 25 USD a day, as in some corners of the world, you can still visit Coachella for a lot less than most.  Coachella’s reputation holds it as being a classy, upmarket and costly festival, but don’t let that put you off. 

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