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Discovering Watsons Bay, Sydney

Looking for a budget day out in Sydney? Wanting to relax on a beach that isn’t packed with people, like the majority in the eastern suburbs? Don’t fret, here’s why you should head to Watsons Bay.

What Is Watsons Bay?

Watsons Bay is actually a suburb in eastern Sydney, located just North of Bondi.  Home to a wharf, Watsons Bay has a direct link to Circular Quay in Sydney CBD, in the form of a ferry. It’s also possible to catch the bus from areas around Sydney.  Therefore, making Watsons Bay accessible with ease by public transport.  For such a small area of a humongous city like Sydney, there’s certainly no shortage of activities in Watsons Bay.  You could easily make a full day of a trip to the area.

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10 Best Photo Spots in Melbourne

Not by any stretch of the imagination, would I say I am the greatest photographer in the world.  I wouldn’t even go as far as saying I’m a good photographer.  Nonetheless, I love taking pictures on my travels and improving my photography as I go along.  Of course, it certainly helps to take a stunning picture, when you’re taking photographs in a city as photogenic as Melbourne.  All around the city unique and fascinating sights can be photographed.  You just have to get out there, get exploring and get taking those pictures.

Of course, it does help when you know where to look though…

Below, I’ve compiled a list of my 10 favourite photo spots in Melbourne. Enjoy!

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How To Save Money On East Coast Australia

Sailing through crystal clear turquoise waters, stopping off at some of the most beautiful white sanded beaches going at Whitsundays National Park.  Jumping out of a plane in Cairns from 80,000 feet with the wind pelting your face and heart racing, while the adrenaline kicks in.  Racing along the largest sand island in the world, stopping off to swim in freshwater lakes and ending the night getting drunk on a campsite on Fraser Island.  The previous are all a taster of what you can experience on east coast Australia

East coast Australia is a destination which attracts huge numbers of backpackers from around the world each year.  It’s no surprise to just exactly why.  The east coast has gained a reputation and the notoriously expensive prices aren’t enough to put budget backpackers off the trip.  That being said though if you are not careful, Australia’s east coast will chew you up and spit you back out and leave you with a very ugly looking bank balance.

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