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How To Save Money On East Coast Australia

Sailing through crystal clear turquoise waters, stopping off at some of the most beautiful white sanded beaches going at Whitsundays National Park.  Jumping out of a plane in Cairns from 80,000 feet with the wind pelting your face and heart racing, while the adrenaline kicks in.  Racing along the largest sand island in the world, stopping off to swim in freshwater lakes and ending the night getting drunk on a campsite on Fraser Island.  The previous are all a taster of what you can experience on east coast Australia

East coast Australia is a destination which attracts huge numbers of backpackers from around the world each year.  It’s no surprise to just exactly why.  The east coast has gained a reputation and the notoriously expensive prices aren’t enough to put budget backpackers off the trip.  That being said though if you are not careful, Australia’s east coast will chew you up and spit you back out and leave you with a very ugly looking bank balance.

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Fraser Island Tag Along Tour

Three Days filled with 4×4’s roaring across beaches and winding sand roads, relaxing on picturesque beaches, swimming in crystal clear, icy cold waters, spending the nights at the campsite eating BBQ food and drinking goon, followed by heading off to sleep in our two man tent.  That’s exactly how our Fraser Island tag along tour went…

Sounds like a great few days, doesn’t it?

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How To Start Off Your Working Holiday Visa In Australia

Australia is a country like no other.  The land down under offers a huge variety of opportunities.  You could spend your days surfing on Bondi Beach, enjoy all the coffee under the sun in Melbourne, explore the orange, desert like landscapes in the outback or forget your nights with excessive amounts of goon on the east coast, it’s hard not to have the time of your life here.

Each year millions of people decide to apply for their working holiday visa and make their way to Australia for up to 2 years.  This can be an exciting time for anyone, after months of planning back home, working hard to save while day-dreaming of lying on that beach in the beaming sun.  However, the first few weeks can be testing for anyone arriving in a whole new country with no home or job.  With the right preparation and knowledge though, those tiresome and sometimes stressful first couple of weeks of job hunting and flat searching can be made a hell of a lot easier.

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One Full Day On Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island can be found 8km off the shore of nearby Townsville.  The island is effectively a suburb of Townsville, due to the ease of accessibility to the island, it has over 2000 permanent residents.  It is no wonder that people who work in Townsville would want to reside on Magnetic Island and take the boat to and from work every day.  The island is absolutely stunning. It is mostly a mountainous island with surrounding picturesque bays, which all make for fantastic views.

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